Vella (LPG)

Bipolar RF, Cavitation, Vacuum roller massage, Thermolifting
• The device is based on an effective ultrasonic cavitation procedure. This method breaks down the fat layer without touching the internal organs. During the procedure, a lymphatic drainage effect is also carried out.
• Vacuum-roller massage allows you to achieve excellent results along with cavitation. Radio waves tighten the skin. Infrared radiation causes the upper layers of the skin to tighten under the influence of heat.
• The complex effect of vacuum roller massage and cavitation are effective and safe liposuction.
• Lifting procedure restores skin elasticity and collagen fibers. The technology of heating the dermis layer allows the skin to be smoother, stronger, healthier, and more toned.
• The procedure of thermolifting is a convenient and safe procedure that does not have the opposite effect.

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