Aesthetic Service

Aesthetic Service

BIO ESTETİK GROUP has been working in various areas of cosmetic services for more than 10 years. These areas of service address the cosmetic and aesthetic problems associated with excess weight, discomfort caused by unwanted hair and age-related disabilities. Thus, our pectral services covers the areas of cosmetology, hair removal, weight loss and microblading.

Weight lose procedures

As a result of a sedentary life, almost every woman has the overweight problem, one of the biggest problems of our time. And often the problem is exacerbated by the lack of time to fight excess weight due to daily worries. Cellulite, swelling and stretch marks on the skin are also the consequences of excess weight. Our Center provides weight loss procedures where our professional doctors solve these problems. Our professional team of doctors develops a special program that matches your weight and the problem you face. The program includes procedures such as ultrasonic cavitation, vibro, lymphatic drainage, RF lifting, HİFU lipo, miostimulation, vacuum, cryolipolysis, thermal blankets.

Aesthetic procedures

The negative effect of free radicals on the skin of a person in all ages during a year is not a secret for anyone. As a result, the skin of the face is severely damaged, elasticity is lost prematurely, wrinkles and pigmentation appear, the skin and the face look ungroomed. Treat them in domestic conditions is not enough. To prevent their occurrence, It is important to use cosmeticological procedures. While facial cleansing, masks affect the external apperiance of the face, RF-lifting, HIFU, ultrasonic cavitation affects the tissue of skin, natural fillers and Botox restore the face. Our cosmetologists will spare your skin from these problems by choosing treatments that match your age, skin type and problem.


Eyebrows are an important aspect of a woman’s appearance. Changing their shape, thickness and color affects the completion of whole style. Nowadays, the most natural-looking eyebrows are considered fashionable. So, the specialists of our center offer the owners of thin eyebrows all kinds of microblading procedures. The procedure allows the eyebrows to look beautiful and refined and they do not need to be corrected with everyday cosmetics.

Hair removal procedure

Women who want to be clean and well-groomed at any time of the year often face the problem of what type of hair removal to use to avoid problems, as well as their type of skin and hair color. We want to please all the ladies: our Center works with all kinds of laser devices that are relevant at any time of the year for both light and dark skin, which can be used before and after tanning: Alexandrite, Diode, Elos (photoepilation). As the whitening procedure is carried out simultaneously with hair removal, you can only enjoy a painless and comfortable procedure.

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